2012 Men's Golf Schedule
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 19 William Jessup University@CSU Maritime InvitationalNo Team Score Details
   Simpson@CSU Maritime Invitational2nd of 5 Details
   Menlo College@CSU Maritime Invitational3rd of 5 Details
   Holy Names University@CSU Maritime Invitational1st of 5 Details
   Cal Maritime@CSU Maritime InvitationalNo Team Score Details
 27 William Jessup University@Menlo InvitationalNo Team Score Details
   Simpson@Menlo Invitational2nd of 5 Details
   Menlo College@Menlo Invitational3rd of 5 Details
   Holy Names University@Menlo Invitational1st of 5 Details
   Cal Maritime@Menlo InvitationalNo Team Score Details
 3 Simpson@NAIA Fall Preview13th of 20 Details
   Holy Names University@NAIA Fall Preview8th of 20 Details
 24 Simpson@NCCAA National Championship7th of 12 Details
 31 William Jessup University@TMC Fall InvitationalNo Team Score Details
   Simpson@TMC Fall Invitational5th of 7 Details
   Holy Names University@TMC Fall Invitational4th of 8 Details
 7 William Jessup University@Holy Names InvitationalNo Team Score Details
   Simpson@Holy Names Invitational2nd of 3 Details
   Menlo College@Holy Names InvitationalNo Team Score Details
   Holy Names University@Holy Names Invitational1st of 3 Details
 5 Holy Names University@13th Annual Cougar Invitational7th of 12 Details
 6 William Jessup University@13th Annual Cougar Invitational10th of 12 Details
 5 William Jessup University@Smee Builders Invitational9th of 13 Details
   Holy Names University@Pioneer Shootout10th of 13 Details
   Simpson@Pioneer Invitational7th of 13 Details
 12 Simpson@Simpson Invitational3rd of 5 Details
   Menlo College@Simpson Invitational5th of 5 Details
   Holy Names University@Simpson Invitational3rd of 5 Details
   William Jessup University@Simpson Invitational1st of 5 Details
   Cal Maritime@Simpson InvitationalNo Team Score Details
 26 William Jessup University@Primm Invitational16th of 16 Details
   Holy Names University@Primm Invitational13th of 16 Details
 2 William Jessup University@California Pacific Conference Championship4th of 5 Details
   Simpson@California Pacific Conference Championship1st of 5 Details
   Holy Names University@California Pacific Conference Championship2nd of 5 Details
   Menlo College@California Pacific Conference Championship4th of 5 Details
 15 Holy Names University@Hanny Stanislaus Invitational17th of 20 Details
 7 Holy Names University@Unaffiliated Grouping #2 (Cal Pac/Cascade/GSAC) Tournament7th of 12 Details
   Menlo College@Unaffiliated Grouping #2 (Cal Pac/Cascade/GSAC) Tournament12th of 12 Details
   Simpson@Unaffiliated Grouping #2 (Cal Pac/Cascade/GSAC) Tournament3rd of 12 Details
   William Jessup University@Unaffiliated Grouping #2 (Cal Pac/Cascade/GSAC) Tournament9th of 12 Details
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